The 9 centers


The Bodygraph is made up of 9 centers each related to specific biological functions and organs in the body. A center can either function healthy or unhealthy and this mostly depends on wether you are living your Human Design strategy and inner authority.

The most sensitive areas of your  design are the open centers, there where you do ot have consistent definition. This is where you are most conditioned in life.  

In a persoal chart reading you will learn how to recognise this conditioning. You are provided with a manual how to decondition yourself in an practical way, i daily life.


This will lead you step by step to living a life closer to your unique nature.




Decision making


The colored centers is where you are yourself. The characteristics of these centers are a fixed part of you.

Correct decision making comes from the defined centers, linked to your strategy and authority.


The open centers are the areas in your life where yu have a lot to learn. You are looking at these areas and you make your decisions about them. But they are not you. 

Your mind will try and take controle over the vulnerability in these open centers and advise you how to cope. But taking mental decisions is not healthy and will take you out of your alignment. Ask a Analist for a full chart reading and learn how to stay true to your unique nature.



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