Origin of the Human Design System


The Origin of Human Design


The Human Design System was founded in 1987 by Ra Uru Hu on the island of Ibiza, Spain. It is a synthesis of the I Ching, the Kabbalah, the Chakra system and Astrology. 

The information it brings is extraordinarily detailed and shows us the exact uniqueness of our being. 


The Founder: Ra Uru Hu


The founder and first teacher of Human Design said: “Do not trust me and do not believe me. Test this knowledge for yourself and see." Ra did not say: “Follow me and do like I do”. 

No, this knowledge teaches you who you are and how to follow your own inner authority.




What will a Human Design Reading give me?


Do you feel stuck, frustrated or unable to make the right choices in your life? Are you easily distracted by things that put you into places and situations you don’t want to be?


Your Human Design Chart Reading will bring you:

- Your potential talents and how you can develop them. 

- Your main fears: where you get lost in life.

- Keys for your personal transformation: How not to get lost in life and make correct decisions.

- Understanding what your unique role is in life and how to get the best out of daily interactions.


Ultimately, Human Design teaches you self love. Deconditioning is part of the process. Knowing your origin, you are able to trust and relax into your being and not get lost in ‘who you are not’.


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The material on this website is based on the teachings of Ra Uru Hu, the originator of the Human Design System. © Jovian Archive Corporation.