The Human Design System is a synthesis of Astrology, the Chakra system, the I-Ching and the Kaballah.  Based on time, place and date of birth, a 'body graph' is generated.  This graph, or 'chart', provides a unique blueprint of one's life.  A reading of the blueprint gives major pointers on living one's 'true self', how one best relates with others, and how to avoid the 'pitfalls' of our societally conditioned 'not self'.  It is a terrifically accurate system, that is very easy to assimilate with a reading from a Human Design Analyst.


Human Design is about decision making.  It gives you a strategy in life and teaches you how to listen to your body in order to make decisions correctly as yourself.


With a personal reading of your design, you will also discover which qualities are fixed and consistent in you, what patterns and tendencies you might repeat every day, where your potential wisdom resides, and how you might be conditioned by others. 


You will learn to live according to your unique nature, to understand who you are and who you are not, and, best of all... to truly love yourself!

Het Human Design Systeem is een synthese van astrologie, het chakrasysteem, de I-Ching, de Kaballah en nieuwere wetenschappen zoals kwantummechanica, biochemie en genetica..


Op basis van jouw geboortedatum, -plaats en -tijd wordt een 'BodyGraph' gemaakt. Deze kaart toont jjouw unieke Blauwdruk.


Human Design gaat over correcte besluitvorming. 


De chart geeft je de sleutels om te gaan leven als je ware zelf, Het geeft je iinzicht in wat de betrouwbare vaste eigenschappen zijn in jou, waar je je besluitvorming op mag baseren.

Het geeft inzicht in je valkuilen om je conditionering te gaan herkennen.


Een reading is een drie uur durend gesprek met opname verdeeld in twee sessies.


Je leert jezelf begrijpen, respecteren en het mooiste van alles: echt van jezelf te houden!




Er is niemand zoals jij!


Leef je autentieke leven.



El Sistema de Diseño Humano es una síntesis de ciencias actuales ( Física Cuántica, Bioquímica, Genética...) y disciplinas milenarias (Astrología, Cábala, I-Ching, Sistema de Chakras Hindi). No es un sistema de creencias, ni un programa de auto-ayuda: es un sistema lógico que te permite entender de una forma precisa cómo funcionas y te revela una alternativa para tomar las decisiones correctas en tu vida.  


Con una Lectura Individual de tu Diseño vas a descubrir muchas cosas y a reconocer otras muchas: tus cualidades fijas y consistentes, los patrones que repites cada día, tus tendencias...   Obtendrás respuesta a muchas preguntas:

¿Qué has venido a dar al mundo?

¿Qué has venido a aprender?

¿En qué medida y cómo eres condicionado por tu entorno?

¿Con qué, y por qué tu mente se obsesiona? 

¿Por qué cambia mi estado de ánimo?

¿Por qué necesito retirarme en soledad?

.... Todas... O casi todas las preguntas que te haces sobre ti, encuentran su respuesta en tu diseño.


Conocer tu diseño te permite mirarte sin juicios ni comparaciones,  entender el valor de tu SER ÚNICO, reconocer tu singularidad, tu individualidad, lo que es valioso y verdadero en ti, y mejorar tu relación contigo mism@... y con los demás.


Es tu manual de instrucciones único.


Entiénderte, respétate...  ámate.



"El Diseño Humano abre las puertas al potencial del amor a uno mismo, al amor a la vida, y al amor a los demás mediante el entendimiento". Ra Uru Hu

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Billy White has had a life filled with varied experiences.  From a physics degree, to decades long practices of meditation and yoga, to a former successful career as a sales director in the technology industry, to being a father to two grown boys, Billy has assimilated his understanding of life, and now enjoys sharing his knowledge with others, in a deep, intimate way.  He has been studying Human Design for nine years.  Billy moved to Ibiza several years ago from Sebastopol, California.











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Sonja is a certified Human Design Analist and Living Your Design Guide.

She travels between Amsterdam and Ibiza for her work with Human Design.

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Cuando el Diseño Humano llegó a mi vida me asombró. Me cautivó con la precisión con que me describía y me perturbó con aquello que yo creía ser, pero que es fruto del condicionamiento recibido desde mi nacimiento. Decidí practicar con mi “mapa personal” e inicié el proceso de reconciliación conmigo misma, de reconocimiento de mis sombras y mis miedos.

Así inicie el maravilloso viaje hacia mi misma. 


Desde que empecé a transmitir a mi alrededor mi encuentro con este Sistema y a medida que avanzo en su conocimiento y en su práctica, me maravilla cada vez más el camino a la vez que guío a los que me rodean a alinearse con el suyo.  


Precioso regalo.


Con una lectura individual y la práctica de Vivir tu Diseño podrás disfrutar de navegar por la vida con la armonía que brinda hacerlo en consonancia con tu naturaleza única.


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The Spirit & Purpose of Human Design


by Ra Uru Hu


The Human Design System is not a belief system. It does not require that you believe in anything. It does not require that you believe in me. It is not stories. It is not philosophy. It is a concrete map to the nature of being. It is a logical way in which we can see ourselves.

With Human Design, just knowing the simple mechanics of your Design is enough to make a vast difference in your life. The irony of what it is to be a human being is that we’re caught at the surface of understanding and accepting our nature and the cosmos around us. We are just at the surface. It doesn’t matter how intelligent we are. It doesn’t matter the labels that we attach to that intelligence – whether we call it “enlightened” or whether we call it “genius”. There is a vast underlying ignorance of how our bodies operate.

The Human Design System is a reading of your genetic code. This ability to be able to detail the mechanics of our nature in such depth is obviously profound because it reveals our complete nature in all its subtleties. However, it is not necessary for you to know Human Design in great depth. That is the job of the professional analyst. What this work aspires to communicate is simply the surface mechanics of your nature. This will give you grounding in your life which will immediately bring a difference to your life process.

These essential truths are simple because they are mechanical. The way in which our genes operate is purely mechanical, and the moment we try to interfere with their operation we descend into a life of confusion, chaos, and pain. In the end, our genes will have their way.

We are passengers in these bodies. We are passenger consciousness experiencing life going by. Buddha taught that the body is not yours. It is not. Yet at the same time, we are totally dependent on it. This is the tragedy of a sick body. We are totally dependent on our vehicles. To learn how to operate them properly immediately brings benefits….

In my teaching of Human Design and the training of Human Design analysts, students of mine have ranged from fourteen years old to being well into their eighties. There is no limitation and there is no barrier denying anyone from grasping these essential truths about themselves. This is not simply about saying, “Aha, I’m this or I’m that.” This is not just another profiling sys- tem. It is about having the opportunity to do something with the knowledge. It is about being able to act on it and experiment with its logic. This brings the remarkable experience of finding and ultimately living one’s true life.

All learning, that is real learning, takes seven years. It takes approximately seven years to change almost all of the cells in the body. We live in a seven-year cycle. The moment that you begin to come to your own nature, the moment that you allow your body to live its life without resistance, you begin a deep process of de-conditioning. Seven years later, you emerge, quite literally, as a new being: Yourself.

It’s one of the great cosmic jokes that human beings don’t get to live out their own lives. It is because they don’t get to live out their own lives that life seems to be such a difficult experience for them. We know that there is a lot of rhetoric around about being your self. It is all fine and good for somebody to stand up and tell you to be yourself, but first you have to know who that self is.

In my professional work, I have given thousands of readings. Wherever that has been, and regardless of culture or country, I have found there to be one prevailing disease. That disease is self-hatred, and it thrives wherever you find something about yourself that you would like to change. Self-hatred varies in intensity from being just beneath the surface of the consciousness, to being full-blown. It is the most human of ironies that self-hatred is truly misplaced because most people do not know themselves. They actually hate the wrong person. They are actually dissatisfied with the wrong person.

Most human beings don’t like themselves, and they don’t like themselves because they truly do not know who they are. Most human beings have never lived the experience of being them- selves, nor seen the beauty of what their true life holds. It is time to see that this is not, as the ancients claim, the planet of suffering, but in fact, an opportunity for a glorious awareness.

Human Design is not about guarantees or promises. This is not saying that if you live out your own nature, you’re going to be the wealthiest or the most beautiful. It is not about being better or best. It is about being your self.

Life is a duality, and this is revealed through our moralities. There is always going to be this and that. There is always going to be the good and the bad. There is always going to be success and there is always going to be failure. That is the nature of what it is to be human….

The moment that you live out your own nature and you enter into life correctly, this is the moment that you get what is correct for you. You get the correct career and you get the correct relationships. So, you see, it does not matter whether you are a success or not, because there will be no suffering, despite your state. You will be living out your nature and it will be clear to you that what is there for you is right for you, whatever that might be. Only then, finally, will there be no part of you that can say: “I wish I could be something else or somewhere else”.

We are overwhelmed in our western culture with improvement propaganda. The hucksters cry ‘be thinner, wiser, faster, and richer.’ There are all kinds of purveyors of teachings who beckon us to follow ‘their’ way. All human beings suffer from the propaganda of generalizations. Without knowing oneself, one can so easily be lost in this propaganda. You do not have to change anything. It is simply a matter of becoming yourself and becoming aware of yourself.

The Human Design System opens the door to the potential of self-love. Finding self-love is also about finding a greater love, a love for life and a love for others through understanding. Throughout this Living Your Design Course, in seeing yourself and in coming to understand how you can live out your own nature, please pay attention to the importance of that in your relationships with others. So many of our difficulties in this life are because we have great difficulties in our relationships, whether they are our career relationships or whether they are our personal relationships….

To be yourself is to bring into your life those beings that are truly for you. This knowledge is about how you do that simply, so that you too can benefit from the best possible associations. Correct associations allow you to not only be seen and understood by others, but also allow you to understand them. As a parent, this has been an essential ingredient in the well being of my children.

Human Design is logical, mechanical knowledge. It is neither theorizing nor philosophy. It is about being able to do practical things with knowledge that brings practical benefits. I hope you enjoy Living Your Design and that you too can participate in becoming a healthy, self-loving human being.  –Ra Uru Hu


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