Human Design introduction readings 


Spirit Festival


Atzaro, Ibiza 2020


Don´t miss us next time for your introduction reading.

Get to know the analist and glimps of what a full chart reading can give to you. Sonja is available.





Presentation of the Human Design System



Do you have a group of people interested to hear about their Human Design?


Sonja makes super nice visual presentations with your charts. Book an hlaf day workshop and explanation into the basics of your Human Design.


Participants send in their charts up front to get a personalised presentation of Human Design.


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Living Your Design Course


Living your design is the first course that is part of the overall Human Design training. It deepens the understanding of your Strategy and your inner Authority. You gain awareness of how the centers without definition condition you and learn how to stop identifying with your mind. You will understand the importance of your aura and how it operates when interacting with others.


How, with what, why does your mind becomes obsessed?

Are you trying to explain your emotions?

Do you feel lost?

Are you in search of love or a fixed identity?

Do you understand your sexuality?

Are you trying to prove something to others, or your self?

Are you always in a hurry?

Do you cling to things that are not good for you?


Living your Design is a guide to finding meaning within your own unique nature. It is an experiential workshop that guides you in the process of self-observation. With it begins the true journey of transformation that leads you to your authentic yourself. There is no one like you! Dare to be different, dare to be yourself!


There is only one requirement to participate in "Living your Design": to have received your individual reading.


Next dates: 25-28 February 2020 Ibiza, Es Canar



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